All Season Tires are a Good Idea

Posted Saturday, Nov 03, 2018

All Season tires perform well in both summer and winter seasons, and save you from the tire changeover and storage hassles

A few tips when driving in hazardous weather conditions:

  • Accelerate and decelerate slowly

  • Drive slowly

  • Increase following distance from 3 or 4 seconds to 8 to 10 in icy, wet, and cold conditions

  • Employ threshold braking: Keep your heel firmly planted on the floor and apply steady brake pressure with the ball of your foot

  • Try not to stop quickly

  • Increase your speed before a hill to gain inertia, but never speed up on icy or snowy hills, and try to avoid stopping on them too

  • Drive only if you absolutely must

Bottom line: We’re big believers in the benefits of All Season tires. Our primary reason is simple: safety.

Whether you purchased your vehicle from us or somewhere else Discovery Auto Group is happy to help assist in finding you the perfect All Season tires for your new car.