Top 4 Reasons to Purchase Pre-Owned

Posted Sunday, May 06, 2018

Here at Discovery Auto Group we specialize in bringing you a wide variety of late model pre-owned Cars, Trucks and SUV's. No matter what you are looking for, we’ve got something for you here at Discovery Auto Group. We have put together the top 4 reasons to purchase a late model pre- owned vehicle so you can see the many benefits you will be privy to when shopping at Discovery Auto Group.

Lower Costs

Of course, one of the biggest and best benefits of buying pre-owned vehicles is the lower price tag. When you buy used, you get access to the same features as buying new at a fraction of the cost. This is especially important when shopping for a late model vehicle. These models are great choices for those who want the new car feeling, but want to avoid the high price.

Wider Variety

When you shop for a pre-owned vehicle, you gain a wider variety of options than if you went to a new car dealership. When you shop at a new car dealership, your choices are limited to one make and very few model years and trim levels. With pre-owned cars, you have a vast selection of makes, models, model years, and trim levels.

Beat the Depreciation Curve

We all know cars depreciate as we own them. This is a normal and unavoidable occurrence. However, when you buy a pre-owned vehicle, you beat the initial drop of driving a new car off the lot. Pre-owned vehicles have a less dramatic drop than new vehicles in their value when you purchase them. This is a significant benefit to take note of, especially if you plan on updating your vehicle more frequently.

Lower Insurance Costs

Often overlooked but very quickly realized is the insurance for new vehicles is almost always higher than insurance for pre-owned vehicles. This helps you save money in the long run. This, plus the savings on the initial price tag of your vehicle, makes used vehicles an incredibly smart option for those who want to be financially savvy.